Entry #1

Music Upload Frenzy!!!

2008-02-28 11:03:48 by Chromatronic

Over the next 2 weeks I will be going on an uploading frenzy. Look for tons of old unreleased tracks, along with a couple new ones (I will specify whats old). Make sure you vote and respond to what you like, to keep me from deleting the poor performers. Enjoy the insanity.


Music Upload Frenzy!!!


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2008-02-28 17:36:28



2008-03-03 08:41:26

Like the old style pic


2008-05-05 02:48:05

Your Insanity is always enjoyable!


2008-05-15 13:27:18

Just to let you know your song "Wanna get high in Funky Town" Literally Killed my iDog and i just put new batteries in him. You Must have godly Powers in your Music.