Entry #4

Chromatron Live Shows and now on Last.fm

2008-12-22 13:21:27 by Chromatronic

In the coming months I'll be getting around quite a bit. Check my myspace page for my latest tour dates. If you live in Miami come check me out, I usually have a show every couple of weeks. If you live elsewhere in FL I'll be going on a state tour in late Feb/Early March, going to Orlando and possibly Gainesville. If you live in Seattle I'll be coming up for the Laptop Battle Nationals pretty soon so keep an eye out and come check me out.
Also Check out my myspace for some of my latest tracks, videos, etc:

I set up a last.fm page so if you have an account add me to your library, and if you don't have an account then sign up. It's a really cool site. In the coming weeks I'll be adding all my most popular newgrounds songs as well as a couple brand new tracks. Check it out.

Chromatron Live Shows and now on Last.fm


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